Never Before Never After

The Lord’s Country, a real estate-cum-hospitality concept, has taken shape in the minds of the worshippers of the ‘Lord Jagannath’ like the way He himself being conceptualised in the sanctum sanctorum of Puri, is a unique concept-par-excellence, which was thought ‘never before’ and probably expected not to happen ‘never after’. The ‘Country’ not only bonds your family spiritually together during vacations but also takes utmost care of your ageing parents during their stay in the abode of the Lord of the Universe. Apart from this, the property, meeting three-star standard specifications, will also generate handsome income for you.

It is at a morning walk’s distance (just four kms) from the Lord Jagannath Temple and at an evening go-around distance (just two and half kms) from the famous Shamuka beach near Puri. It is on the way to the temple of The Alarnath of Brahmagiri, who is worshipped as the Lord himself between the Snana Yatra to the Nava Youvan Darshan Utsav just before Shri Gundicha Yatra. The village of the infallible Ati Badi Jagannath Dash, in the nearby, is a special add-on to the ‘Country’.

One and half kilometres apart, the modernity of the ‘Country’ is charged up with the upcoming Special Tourism Area of Puri spread over an area of 3000 acres. The Shamuka location is a site of unmatched natural beauty with a 2000 meters long sea frontage and another 2000 meters of riverfront-meeting-the-sea on its adjacent side. These two strips offer tremendous potential for development of tourism-related projects including luxury hotels and resorts. 

With the objective of providing new tourism products and unlocking the immense tourism potential of the State and the site, i.e. Shamuka Beach, the State Government through Odisha Tourism Development Corporation has decided to develop Shamuka Beach near Puri as a self-contained, high-end, exclusive international standard luxury tourism destination aimed at providing a one stop rejuvenation facility for the mind, body and the soul. The destination would offer the tourists an opportunity to feel and experience the rich culture, indigenous art & craft, customs and traditions of the erstwhile and modern Odisha. The destination would be ideal for relaxation in the lap of luxury and to experience the beautiful bio-diversity, rich culture and traditions – the very essence of the Utkala, the Kalinga, the Toshali or the contemporary Odisha. The possible set of tourism products for development at Shamuka Beach includes 5-Star Hotels, Resorts, Spa, International Convention Centre, Golf Course, Exhibition Complex, Eco-Parks etc.

The Lords Country would boast around 300 suites with amenities of world-class standard. Sea Breeze, Grey Cloud, Long Walk, Rising Sun, Land dotted by Coconut & Casuarina trees and much more....